Tips for Shoveling Snow This Winter

January 26th, 2018 by

Snow Shoveling Tips
Chances are you’ve already done your fair-share of ice-scrapping and snow-moving this winter. While it may seem overly cautious, we have a few tips for snow shoveling that you’ll want to read to make your life easier this winter season.

  • Stretch your arms, legs, and back before you begin shoveling.
  • Take frequent breaks if it’s a big job. Overexertion is a sure way to strain your muscles.
  • As you shovel, bend your knees and lift with your legs. Never lift with your back!
  • Rotate which hand you’re leading with. While it may feel awkward at first to shovel with your non-dominant hand, your body will thank you for this later.
  • The best tips for snow shoveling are the ones that will minimize the work you need to do after the next snowfall, so pay close attention to the following:
    • Don’t leave large snow piles right next to the driveway.
    • If possible, use your snow piles to create a “wind-break” away from your house, plants, or vehicle. This will protect your assets and keep snow away from your shoveled areas later.

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