Porsche of Spokane Service Page: Why Service at a Dealership

Why Service at Porsche of Spokane

Dealership vs. Garage

When faced with the inevitable services and repairs that come hand in hand with car ownership, the question always looms: service at a garage or a dealership? The answer is clear: dealerships offer far superior, much safer, and more regulated servicing due to a more knowledgeable staff, better resources, and a relationship with the OEM.

Sure, there are plenty of good mechanics at garage shops all around the country, but none of them offer the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing the person working on your car is an official employee and representative of the manufacturer. Working at a dealership brings mechanics an intimate knowledge of the inner mechanisms of their brand that can’t be matched by a local garage.

Ever Changing Automotive Technology

Along with better mechanics who are more attuned to your car, dealerships have better equipment with which to work, as they are funded by the dealership and the manufacturers as well. Automotive technology is ever-changing and it is imperative that mechanics change with it. Getting your car worked on at a dealership ensures top access to the newest diagnostic and repair equipment through the automotive world.

Ever had an estimate of a one hour turnaround time turn into an afternoon wasted? Dealerships have far quicker turnaround times due to larger workspaces, better equipment, and a more concentrated and knowledgeable workforce. Plus, waiting rooms at dealerships are designed to provide comfortable surroundings to customers?

Dealers work hard to satisfy their customers and provide excellent care for vehicles. Corner garages don’t follow the same stringent regulations as dealerships, and, as a result, can sometimes miss important details. Mechanics at a dealership come with an intimate knowledge of your car, unparalleled access to the OEM, and a drive to succeed.

The next time you need your vehicle repaired or serviced, bring it here to Porsche of Spokane.


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