Porsche Model Names and What They Mean

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Model Name Meanings


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Like any auto manufacturer, Porsche’s lineup of vehicles sports some interesting names. Believe it or not, there is a deeper meaning to many of Porsche’s model names. If you’re curious where they came from, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common and popular names in Porsche’s portfolio.


The 718 Boxster takes its name from a combination of the words “Boxer engine” and “roadster.”


While the obvious answer may appear to be that the famous Porsche SUV launched in 2002 was named after cayenne peppers, “Cayenne” is also the name of the capital city of French Guiana.


A model of the 911 in modern times, the Carrera name has been applied to various trims and models over the course of Porsche’s history. It’s a Spanish word meaning “race.”


The small SUV known as the “Macan” was originally rumored to be called the “Cajun,” after the communities in the bayous of Southern Louisiana. The word “macan” itself can either refer to the Indonesian and Malaysian term for “tiger” or the Serbo-Croatian word for “tomcat.”


The Porsche Panamera is, as far as anyone knows, a made-up word, but experts believe the name was derived from “Panamerica,” a highway on which the Carrera Americana road race occurred.

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